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Investment Model:

  1. Buy a Lot in Cape Coral area that has access to a Canal up to US $ 70,000
  2. Authorize our construction company to build a 3270 Sq.ft. property, a swimming pool, and a seawall. You do not have to pay the builder until the house is sold.
  3. Sell the property.
  4. Collect your Investment and Profit

You investment includes the purchase of the lot, then the builder builds a house at no cost to you, and at the end when the house is sold, you pay the builder and closing costs, and collect your investment and your profit.

Execution time: from 9 to 12 months

Todd Lindgren – Quantum Property Solutions



The Lot must contain the following characteristics:

  1. Must be connected to a salt-water canal connected to the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Must be at least 10,000 Sq.ft. approx.
  3. Must have all documents in order
  4. Sale list price under $70,000
  5. The Lot approved area should be:


Cape Coral, FL

We help you find the right Lot at the best possible price!

Availability Lots examples:


The property to be built is the The Arthur model. This has a construction area of 3293 Sq.Ft and has the following characteristics:

  1. European style, 1 floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, and dining room.
  2. Ceramic floor except in the bedrooms and the backyard.
  3. Modern kitchen and waterfall central island.
  4. Includes Pool in the backyard.
  5. Includes the construction of the seawall.
  6. Master bedroom with 2 walking closets and exceptional bathroom.
  7. 2 rooms that share the same bathroom and two doors, one for the living room and another for access to the patio.
  8. 3 car garage for vehicles including an expanded one for boat trailer.



During the house construction, the way to sale the house includes

  1. Sale while it is being built, from the first day that you sign the authorization of the construction we start the sale process. For this, we have a model house already built in the city of Cape Coral. This house is exactly the same as the house that will be built.
  2. Direct Sale by the Broker’s office: STARLINK REALTY and QUANTUM PROPERTY SOLUTIONS will work with their sales force including more than 150 registered real estate agents.
  3. Sale through the constructor. Remember that the builder is your partner and is equally interested in having the property sold as soon as possible.
  4. Sale through the media: A publication of the property will be made in the regional and state property database: MLS, that contains more than 30,000 properties in South-West Florida. In addition, Flyers and Brochures will be distributed in different places and published in the Magazine of Realtors of the area.
  5. Open House: Once the construction is finished, OPEN HOUSE will be developed constantly, that is, the house will be open to the public daily.
  6. Additional options: An extension will be offered as an insurance for the following 3 and 6 months. That is, if the property is not sold in 12 months, you do not have to buy it immediately; You will have the possibility to make an extension up to 18 months for an additional cost of US $10,000.


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Estimate Income:

Additional Costs if necessary:
– New Corporation registration LLC: $1.000
– Minimum balance on Checking Account to avoid fees: $3.000

We will work hard to have a great return in 9-12 Months



What includes the $380.000 for the builder?

The $ 380,000 that the builder charges includes: $ 5,000 from the escrow account that opens at the beginning of the contract between the investor and the builder, also includes a builder insurance of $ 18,000, the construction of the house itself, the build of the backyard, the seawall, and the construction of the pool. Also all the improvements inside the house such as: modern luxury ceramic floors, central granite island in the form of waterfall, and all lamps and fans. See the images of the property to have a better visual idea, everything will be included except the furniture.

What happens if the house is not sold in the first 12 months?

In the contract between the lot owner and the builder, it is specified that the house must be sold within a period of 12 months. If in that period it is not sold, the investor can: (a) request an additional insurance of $ 5,000 and obtain 3 more months of term, and then for 3 more months for another $ 5,000 up to 6 total months, that is, you can extend the term from 12 to 18 months by $ 10,000 and thus obtain additional time to sell it, (b) Apply for a pre-approved credit for 70% of the house value ($ 370,000) and delivering a 30% initial deposit, and ( c) buy the house in cash. Take into account that the builder is betting that the house will be selling between 6 and 8 months during its construction.

In what area will the house be built?

Both the constructor, Quantum Property Solutions and Starlink Realty, have conducted a demographic study of the area finding that sections 58, 59, and 60 of the map of Cape Coral (see mark on the map above) corresponds to the best investment area for this program. The result of this analysis includes: (a) it is an area in the sale of properties between $ 500,000 and $ 800,000. (b) It has navigable salt water channels with access to the Gulf of Mexico in a few minutes, (c) they are still economic lands that cost between $ 60,000 and $ 120,000 and (d) there is a large inventory that allows us to negotiate the best price. The price that we need as initial of your investment according to our study is maximum $ 80,000 but typically we are finding lots between $ 60,000 and $ 70,000.

Who is the builder and his background?

The construction company is called: Beattie Development with more than 9 years of experience, is one of the leading housing construction companies in the Cape Coral area. They are certified contractors, and their credibility is based on extensive experience in the construction industry of personalized family homes and various commercial projects.

How do I buy the lot?

To participate with us, the first step is to contact us. Then, we will define according to your requirements which are the steps to follow. For example, if you are a foreign investor that has not previously done business in the United States, we will have to create a Corporation for you and open a checking account. Then, you will have to transfer the funds and from there we will give you the list of certified available lots that we have at that time. If you are already a regular investor that has a company already created, we will simply need the verification of funds. Remember that the Lot must be purchased in cash. Our team has personnel authorized by the IRS that facilitates the process of creation and verification of your identity documents and makes it possible to create your Corporation easily without the need for you to come to the United States. We work hard for you to make the best business in the purchase of your lot.

How do I authorize the builder to build a house on the Lot?

All details will be specified in a contract between the investor and the builder including the construction time, the materials to be used, the cost of the total construction, and the payment conditions. At that time you must pay $5,000 in an escrow account with the builder that will be discounted at the time of selling the house.

What is the economic benefit of making this investment?

In the United States as well as in your country, a 10% return on your investment is considered Excellent. The United States stock exchange typically makes a 6% annual return. The return of this investment program, which is very safe, has a very high return on your investment. We (as a company) guarantee that you will have a minimum return of 50%, but typically our investors are making returns of up to 80% in a year or less.

Can I go to visit you and see with my own eyes the lot and the model house?

Yes. We really want you to visit us, know the market, the city, the lot and the model house and personally we can explain you with details all the benefits of this investment program. If you buy the land while you are visiting us, we will help you with $ 500 for your flight, you can even stay at our director’s house for two nights where the saying “my house is your house” is fulfilled …; )

Contact Information

You can contact us:
– Todd Lindgren: +1-239-314-4250 (what’s app), email: todd112223@gmail.com
– Felipe Aguirre: +1-412-716-8716 (what’s app), email: felipeag4@hotmail.com